about us

Hello, We're Autograf

An interior design and architecture studio, located in

Bucharest, Romania.

With a founder who has over 15 years of experience in working in different creative industries, Autograf Design Studio has a fearless approach on design and unrestricted solutions for turn key projects. We have no boundaries when it comes to ideas, creativity, discipline and timing.

We like to think ourselves as unconventional, flexible and reliable and we are proud with a significant reference from satisfied clients.

We deal with a large variety of projects such as dinners, cafe shops, pubs, nightclubs, retail venues, offices, villas, apartments, showrooms. We include in our designs all senses and build strong vivid concepts that serve the client’s needs for comfort, cost efficiency and style.

Autograf is in fact an architecture, design and art studio, creating simple and useful concepts, with a careful use of both new age and traditional materials. Each detail has a purpose, a vibe and a particular expression, being a piece of a unique puzzle with strong design and identity.

Our team has helped private and corporate clients of all sorts and sizes with strong, intuitive design concepts by listening to their stories and desires.

We work with respect and connection to our clients, supporting them in building or strengthening their image and brands thourght courageous and  provoking yet clean and simple design ideas and solutions.

Our Team

Autograf Design Studio is home to a dynamic, fresh, skilled and culturally diverse team of professional architects and designers, all sharing a commitment to creating unique and long lasting architectural solutions, interiors and design.

Our team’s work proves meticulous attention to concept and details of every project, and focuses on refining design ideas till coherent yet beautiful solutions.

Owner & Traveler
Architect & Explorer
Interior Designer & Cyclist
Architect & Writer
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