how we work


Schematic design is the first phase of every project, represeting about 35% of architect’s work. In this stage, upon discussing with our clients, we determin the size, location, and relationships between all the spaces. The goal is to develop the shape and size of the building from inside to outside, so that owner’s space requierments are …


The design development phase, both for interior and exterior, is the most important part of the project. The architect will revise the drawings with more specificity and detail than in Schematic Design. Engineering will commence on the structure, plumbing, electrical, heating/ventilation systems, energy analysis and any other project specific systems. At the end of design …


The implementation of the design is the last stage of the project. Now, our project managers  will find technical solutions in connection with Clients’ budget and select materials such as interior finishes and products, parquet, paint, wallpaper, doors, fixtures, appliances, carpets, furniture and so on. Our team will support the client with our vast portfolio …

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